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Specialty Coatings Manufacturer

For over six decades, Crossroads Coatings has developed and formulated our revolutionary coatings such as heat protection coatings for customers in Niche Markets with custom coating applications. Working with niche customers in highly specific situations is truly a joy for our engineers. As a specialty coatings manufacturer, every new project is a challenge and an opportunity to broaden and enhance our knowledge and capabilities. As examples, Crossroads has formulated specialized coatings for FIREHOSE, outdoor smokers and BBQ pits, and we have even developed a foam coating to imitate tree bark. 

Custom Coating Applications ManufacturerSpecialty Coatings Manufacturer

Crossroads Coatings offers an unparalleled quality of products and services, as well as a staff that has an unending curiosity for developing new products. It's no wonder that we have been working with niche customers consistently since 1952. We have seen projects of all kinds, and completed them to our customers' satisfaction and beyond. Contact us today to see how our coatings can optimize your custom coating applications.

Custom Coatings Types

We are continually developing new coatings for every customer we team with, and have unparalleled knowledge and experience in formulating the following types of coatings:

View all our coating types to find the best coating for your custom application.

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