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Custom Foam Coatings

industrial flexible foam coating Crossroads Coatings has extensive experience with urethane foam. As foam is utilized in more and more applications, the demand for coatings will continue to increase, so Crossroads is dedicated to evolving alongside the foam industry, and continuing to develop and formulate new foam coatings.


We develop and formulate the highest quality Foam Coatings for applications across all industries. Request A Quote for your supply of custom-created coatings today!


One example of a foam coating project that we have completed is our tree bark imitation project. Our coating gives accents to make foam castings of bark from endangered trees appear realistic. This was a riveting endeavor to be a part of, and Crossroads maintains a high level of interest in the development of other challenging foam coatings. Another customer uses our in-mold urethane foam coatings, to manufacture life like animal replicas that are used as bow hunting targets.

We create custom coatings for various applications across numerous industries:

  • OEM
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Niche Markets
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Military
  • Hearth & BBQ

The potential of our foam coatings development is high and enthralling. The engineers at Crossroads will be more than happy to custom-develop the perfect coating for your specific foam project. Contact a Crossroads representative today to learn more about our foam coatings capabilities and what we can do to benefit you.

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