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Corrosion Resistant Coatings

corrosion resistant coating Crossroads Coatings is known throughout the industry for our comprehensive inventory of Corrosion Resistant Coatings formulations. These coatings protect metal components against degradation due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation, and exposure to UV rays and a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals. Our anti-corrosion coatings are quite eclectic in their applications, but we commonly sell to clients in the oil, automotive, and hearth industries. Also, to those coating metal doors, ornamental iron, and other metal equipment.


We develop and formulate the highest quality Corrosion Resistant Coatings for applications across all industries. Request A Quote for your supply of custom-created coatings today!


Corrosion Resistant Coating Types

The top-quality anti-corrosion coatings produced by Crossroads allow for protection of metal surfaces, acting as a barrier to oxidation. We already have a wide variety of corrosion-resistant coatings, and these can be tweaked to match any application. We supply the following:

  • Fluor polymer - resin/lubricant blends that offer excellent corrosion protection
  • Epoxy, air dry - cost-effective, corrosion-resistant coating
  • Epoxy, thermal cure - excellent impact resistance, plus corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Phenolic - ideal in low pH, high-temperature environments
  • Phosphate - ferrous metal coating for anti-galling and minor corrosion resistance
  • Polyurethane - high gloss topcoat for epoxy and inorganic zinc
  • Inorganic Zinc - corrosion and weathering protection for steel
  • PTFE - the original non-stick coating, able to withstand high temperatures
  • FEP - PTFE characteristics with better abrasion resistance

Many of these anti-corrosion protective coatings also provide abrasion resistance, non-stick properties, and chemical protection.

Corrosion Resistant Coatings Applications

We create custom coatings for various applications across numerous industries

With our state-of-the-art testing equipment, each and every batch of our anti-corrosion coatings is inspected for quality and to certify that they conform to any standards set forth. Contact us today and we will be glad to help you get the right start on your coating project by supplying a coating perfectly catered to your specifications such as our heat protection coatings.

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