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Ceramic & Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal Barrier and Ceramic CoatingsIndustrial ceramic coatings provide an effective thermal barrier. You can apply ceramic coatings to surfaces exposed to high temperatures. They act as a barrier, keeping the extreme heat off the surface of whatever is underneath. Crossroads Coatings has extensive experience developing custom ceramic coatings for various industries. Contact us to start your custom thermal barrier coating project perfectly tailored to your specific requeriments.


We develop and formulate the highest quality Thermal Barrier Coating for applications across all industries. Request A Quote for your supply of custom-created coatings today!


Thermal Barrier Coatings

TBCs are multi-layered coatings used in industrial applications such as gas turbines and jet engines. They protect metal substrates from extreme temperatures. They commonly use ceramics or heat-resistant resins thanks to their desirable properties, such as low thermal conductivity.

The four layers of a TBC are a topcoat, a bond coat, a thermally grown oxide layer between them, and the substrate. The exact properties of each layer vary depending on the exact application. TBCs can withstand extremely high temperatures, with some protecting substrates with operating temperatures over 2200°F.

Industrial Ceramic Coatings

Many TBCs use ceramics. Protective ceramic coatings offer superior performance compared to many other thermal barriers. These materials possess excellent qualities for high-temperature applications.

Our team at Crossroads Coatings manufactures custom high-temperature coatings that are heat resistant, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and abrasion resistant. They are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications where temperatures regularly exceed 600°F.

Applications for Thermal Barrier Coatings

TBCs are well-suited to a wide range of applications requiring thermal protection. They perform well within operating temperatures range of 600°F to 2000°F. The numerous applications for our thermal barrier coatings include:

Our TBCs are frequently applied to metal substrates, including stainless steel and other steel alloys. We apply them with a spray technique that paints the surface with multiple thin layers of protection.

Industries We Serve

Crossroads Coatings serves industries including fireplace and wood stove manufacturers and other customers within the hearth and BBQ industries. We also work with aerospace companies to provide safe, effective coatings for launch and exhaust system components.

Benefits of TBCs

TBCs provide important protection to metal substrates. They limit the conduction of heat to these components, which reduces fatigue and related wear. Additionally, they help to reduce corrosion and abrasion by providing a physical barrier between components and the surrounding environment.

Custom Thermal Barrier Coatings

The Crossroads Coatings team has extensive experience in the specialty coating industry. We strive to provide superior products and services to each customer. We can develop custom ceramic paint and coating formulations for a wide range of applications. Contact us to learn more about industrial ceramic coatings and other high-temperature thermal barrier coatings.

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