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elastomeric roof coatingCrossroads Coatings elastomeric hybrid acrylic/urethane roof coatings are engineered to be used to waterproof existing aged modified bitumen and built-up industrial roof systems. Crossroads industrial elastomeric roof coating can also utilize polyester reinforcement for fully reinforced liquid membrane application. The coating dramatically increases the life expectancy, emissivity, and total solar reflectance (TSR) properties of a roof's surface. It creates a thick, flexible membrane on the surface giving an aged roof a watertight seal.


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Our elastomeric roof coating is designed to meet ASTM 6083 Standard Specification for Liquid Applied Acrylic Coating, (CRRC) Cool Roof Rating Council and Energy Star. It is engineered to be highly resistant to stains, dirt, pickup, plasticizer migration, color/gloss degradation, abrasions, and algae/fungal growth. The coating is also water-based and low-in VOC's and delivers a number of sustainable, practical and eco-friendly benefits for property owners, contractors, builders, architects, and building product manufacturers.

Crossroads has many different roof coating products to meet your needs:

  • Fiber reinforcement roof coating
  • High viscosity trowelable seam coating
  • Primers for various applications
  • Rapid cure elastomeric
Physical PropertiesValueTest Method
VOC content 0.29 g/L EPA-24
Solids content 62.50% ASTM D-2369
Heat stability >250°F (120°C) ASTM D-2939
Cold temperature flexibility <-22F (-30C) ASTM D-522
Tensile strength >240 psi (1.65 Mpa) ASTM D-412
Elongation at break >500% ASTM D-412
Ponding water resistance Pass ASTM D-2939
Pressurized water resistance >7.4 psi (>0.5 atm) @ 24 hours DIN 52123
Water vapor permeance 1.85 perms ASTM D-1653
Tear resistance >76 lbf/in (130 N/cm> ASTM D-624
Solar reflectance (initial/weathered) 0.88/0.75 ASTM D-1549
Infrared emittance (initial/weathered) 0.88/0.75 ASTM C-1371
Solar reflective (SRI)(initial/weathered) 110 / 93  
UV resistance Resistance to UV and influence to O2 and ozone ASTM D-4799
Adhesion Excellent adhesion to: concrete, PVC, TPO, EPDM, GALVANIZED STEEL, ALUMINUM, and BITUMINUS PRODUCTS. ASTM D-794
Fungi resistance PASS ASTM G-21


We create custom coatings for various applications across numerous industries:

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